1. We run a Hotel and are considering having a virtual tour done, what are the benefits over videos?

  2. Recent research has revealed that nearly 80% of people were unhappy with their hotel room at one time or another.  68% of people would consider paying more for a room they can virtually inspect.  Having a virtual tour will increase bookings.

  3. What areas of our Hotel should we consider including in a virtual tour?

  4. People want as much information as they can get, so creating a virtual tour of all the main areas is important, Reception, Foyer, Bar, Gym, Wet areas and each of your room type.

  5. We sometimes get complaints about our internet pictures not being a true representation of what the rooms look like, will a virtual tour help with this?

  6. Our virtual tours are full 360° access all areas, In other words its the closest thing to actually being there. What they see is what they get.

  7. What are the added benefits of you hosting our virtual tours?

  8. Monthly Stats Analytics Reports, Link submission to booking engines, Unlimited Bandwidth Usage, Your website will not be slowed down. 

  9. Cheapest Hosting plans.

Display Homes

  1. What are the benefits of having a virtual tour to us as a builder?

  2. Increase traffic to your display villages and to your website, Reach more people by having your display villages opened 24/7, Improve your marketing impact and sales.

  3. Will having a virtual tour result in less visits to our display villages?

  4. A virtual tour will never replace the feeling of actually walking through a property and it’s not meant to, however what it definitely will do is make your homes more accessible to people who are time poor and help your clients develop a bond with their favourite designs from your range.

  5. We have over 25 display homes around the city, do you do bulk discounts?

  6. We offer huge discounts on bulk orders. Call us and find out. 

  7. What are your payment terms for bulk orders?

  8. 30-50% deposit at the start of a project with balance due at the end.  We also offer affordable all inclusive 12 month payment plans.

  9. What are the benefits of you hosting all our virtual tours?

  10. Your website will not be sowed down. Never pay excess data usage. No matter how many times your tours are viewed it will not cost you any extra. Learn about your clients and market trends through our Monthly Statistics Reports.

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