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  1. Virtual Inspection Agency is a South Australian based Virtual Tour company with offices in Adelaide, Sydney, Malaysia and Europe. We specialise in professional virtual tour development for a wide range of platforms and industry sectors including Tourism, Hotel, Building, Marine, Education and Automotive Industries.

  2. Our Virtual Tours are built on the latest technology, offering industry leading features with flexible, easy to use interfaces, customised for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Web and Dynamic Touch Screen Displays.

  3. There are many benefits for showcasing properties and locations through the means of interactive full screen virtual tours.  Regardless of whether you are selling real estate, running a hotel, tourism resort or a university, our virtual tours will help you stand out and reach your target demographic.

  4. VIA virtual tours are customised for data acquisition, generating monthly analytics reports, which can play a big part in understanding your online presence, your clients movements and internet trends. 

  5. VIA virtual tours can contain a variety of media such as, interactive full screen tours, walk through slide shows, PDF brochures, interactive floor plans, hotspots, voice recordings, music and even videos can all be showcased from within our virtual tours.  This means that we can make use of all of your existing promotional and marketing material.

  6. Get on board with us and watch your business grow.....

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